RowShare is a free new tool to create collaborative tables.

RowShare is a free new tool to create collaborative tables.

An intuitive and efficient organization tool, it is designed to centralize and share information. Simple like a table, RowShare smartly manages user access to information and alerts them if necessary. It is the only tool that makes creation of personalized documents easier.

RowShare offers table templates: action plan monitoring, business opportunities, project portfolio, event management, staff lists or inventories... And then there are also tables to organize your vacations, manage a sports club, share cooking recipes....

You can even go further and invent your own tables.

The Business version supports user and group management features within a dedicated and secure site.

Visually appealing tables, as opposed to usual tables or spreadsheets. Each cell type has its own visual identity: pictures, stars, like, checkboxes…

Focus on two differentiating features:

- Table rows make themselves visible and/or editable only to the users who need to see/edit them.

- Automated document generation from a template and your table’s information.


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